Behind the Kitchen Door with 750 Myrtle Diner

Thank you for being our valued customer. Today, we'd like to share our exclusive interview with Kaoru Ayabe, the co-founder of 750 Myrtle Diner located in Brooklyn, New York.

750 Myrtle Diner opened in May of 2015 with the concept of providing high-end quality food and service in friendly, casual fashion. Their menu changes daily to provide the freshest, seasonal dishes.

Please take look below to read how they utilize our tableware to cater to their customers with innovative and eco-conscious mindset. 

1. It's very unconventional to use paper plates to serve the customers. How did youcome about using WASARA products for your restaurant? 

Connecting with our restaurant concept, we were looking for something that represents casual dining, but at the same time keep the chic vibe. When we found WASARA products, it was the perfect match. We fell in love with the elegance it provides.

Once the idea became a reality, 2 problems with using paper dishes came up; 1. Using paper products may be more costly than using porcelain plates. 2. It creates a lot of trash and is not healthy for the environment.

However, after doing some calculations, we found out that using WASARA actually is more cost-effective. It cuts cost on labor, water bill, detergents and purchasing/leasing dish washing machine. Second issue resolved itself with WASARA products eco-conscious development.

The numbers added up, it's earth-friendly, and it's unique branding. These three key points gave us the green light to open a restaurant using WASARA products.

2. What are the top 3 benefits of using paper ware instead of porcelain plates?

  • Earth-Friendly (less water & chemical usage)
  • Cost-Effective & less storage space required
  • Unique Branding

3. What does "operating an eco-conscious business" mean to you? 

For 750 Myrtle Diner, being eco-conscious is very important. Having a Japanese Background, we always were taught not to waste anything.  Our Menu changes daily so that we do not waste any parts of the ingredients we use; every part of everything we use end up being in some sort of a dish. This is impossible to do if there is a set menu.

As a restaurant, we try our best to serve our customers the best dishes possible, and as a business, we try our best to serve the community and the environment in the most eco-friendly way possible.

4. What are the most common feedbacks you received from your customers (on being served with paper ware)?  

"wow this is? That's crazy!"

"do you re-use these?" we explain we don't, but is eco-conscious "wow that's smart!"

5. How does using WASARA products affect your employees?

Operationally, it's easier for them to carry around the WASARA plates than the heavy porcelain plates.

Thank you so much Kaoru for sharing your story.