Behind the Kitchen Door with Charles Chen


Dear Our Valued Customers,
We are excited to share two recent events with Charles Chen, an executive chef and an entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping others live their best lives by eating healthy. 

One of the events was 10th Annual WITS Gala, a charity event promoting healthy eating and fitness for kids in public schools.  The event offered tastings prepared by the renowned chefs from the top 30 New York restaurants including Charles Chen, an executive chef who is dedicated to helping others live their best lives by eating healthy.  Charles Chen prepared his sweet yet tasteful chia seed pudding as dessert displayed with WASARA Small Kaku Plates.  The event was not only meaningful, but was visually and tastefully enjoyed by the guests who attended to support the cause. Please enjoy the images below.

The following event was Dinner Club, an exclusive pop-up dinner using only the freshest local ingredients.  The event was more than just dining, it "tickles your five senses through visual, taste, rhythm, smell, and emotions."  The guests exchanged laughs and conversations through 5 course meals originally improvised by Charles Chen.  All courses including appetizer, salad, main dish, and dessert  were presented using WASARA tabelware, adding a touch of visual elegance to thoughtfully prepared meals.