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WASARA is now delivered to you from CA or NJ.
Good news for East Coasters!
We now have Wasara stock on both coasts.
You can choose the product to be shipped from CA or NJ.

WASARA is a maker of compostable, single-use tableware from Japan.
In our search for a design that is a joy to hold and behold, we arrived at the organic form of WASARA. Each piece has a natural fit with the curvature of human hands and brings grace to the beholder. With elegant form and texture that reflect its handcrafted roots, WASARA captures the essence of functional beauty, allowing your guests to experience and enjoy your culinary creations with all of the senses.


Conscientiously designed to accentuate all types of food and drink,
WASARA elevates single-use tableware to a whole new level of artistry.



Offering the best in Japanese design, WASARA tableware fit comfortably in the hand with an elegant texture and sturdy quality unparalleled in the category.



Biodegradable, compostable and made from 100% tree-free materials,
WASARA is as good to the earth as it is to your culinary creations.